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Exclusive Bangladeshi ccTLD Domain Pricing

.bd Domain Registration

bd is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Bangladesh. Domain Incorporation, Bangladesh is the quickest registrar of .bd Domain, trademark and patents who is licensed and authorized by Bangladesh Telecommunication Authority.

People from different part of the world are allowed to apply for .bd domain registration. In comparison of price and timeline Domain, Inc. known as the fastest and the cheapest .bd domain registrar in the market. We have introduced Domain Management Panel for the first time in Bangladesh that enables you to add fund and start purchase your .bd domains right away. Only Domain, Inc. clients enjoy the benefits of our very own Domain Management panel where every users get access to manage their domains.

Past few years we observed lot of clients having bad experience using .bd domain, trademark and patent registry service from few companies in Bangladesh. Domain, Inc. has transfer-in and satisfied lot of clients by providing fast .bd domain registration, hosting and other IT services. We are committed to domain registry within the guaranteed timeline.

Following services comes free with every domain registration:

• Free Email Forwarding

• URL Redirecting

• Free DNS Service

• 10% Discount on hosting

• POP-3 Mailbox

• Gmail Apps Integration

Wholesale Price of .bd Domains

.bd cCLD Validity (year) Registration Renew Transfer DNS Change 1 $30 $30 $30 Free 1 $30 $30 $30 Free 1 $30 $30 $30 Free 1 $30 $30 $30 Free 1 $30 $30 $30 Free 1 $30 $30 $30 Free 1 $30 $30 $30 Free 1 $30 $30 $30 Free

Note: To register and need to follow few formalities to complete the registration process. Please contact to our sales team at for more details.